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Author: Jason Sheedy (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 26, 2010 11:33 PM
Version: 2.2.126
Views: 41,868
Downloads: 1,767
License: Apache License, Version 2


RbMan2 .. Open Source Resource Bundle Editing in Flex

=== Description ===

RbMan2 is designed to run in two different modes. It can run as a web based resource bundle editor or as an integrated resource editor and resource bundle API in your existing applications.

As a stand alone editor it can be used as a web based resource editing tool to create a central repository for geographically distributed translators. The resource bundles you create can then be exported for use in your applications as java properties files or utf-8 encoded resource bundles.

As an integrated editor it is ideal for managing resources in a clustered environment. i.e. when you have two or more web servers sharing the same bundles. It can happily run along side your existing apps with bundles being read from the database backend through RbMan API.

=== Installation ===

These installation notes describe how to install RbMan2.

If you run into any difficulty please email support[AT]bytespring.com

1a. Unzip the pre-compiled build into your webroot.

It's located in the install directory of the source package.


1b. Re-compile the app from source using the included build file making sure to adjust the build.properties to your specific requirements.

2. Create the database tables in a new or existing database using the scripts provided. Currently supports MS-SQL 2000 + and MySQL 4.1 +, however MySQL 5+ is recommended.

3. Set your data source name in CF administrator and in the com.bytespring.rbman.config.Constants component. (sorry no external config for this..)

4. Setup User Authentication

   4a. You can manually add user accounts to com.bytespring.rbman.config.Constants


   4b. Integrate your own authentication mechanism in com.bytespring.rbman.user.UserManager

5. Deploy the build to the root of your web server host.

Note: If you use Flex builder, you can create a new project using the source and run directly from inside flex builder.

For admin user, login using: <b>Admin/Password1</b>

For standard user, login using: <b>Standard/Password1</b>

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=== System Requirements ===
- Windows or Linux OS
- Coldfusion 7.01 and 8 with Java 1.6 virtual machine
- Flex 3.5 (For re-compiling the client only)

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